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Mobile Bank Application : A Study on the Antecedents and Consequences of Loyalty of Young Bank Customers


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Författarlista: Nourallah, Mustafa

Publikationsår: 2020


The banking industry –as well as and the whole financial system –witness the revolution of offering financial service via mobile device (Gimpel, Rau, and Röglinger, 2018). Due to the young generation’s technological skills and early adoption of the internet, they seem to be the main actors in this context (Leon, 2018). Mobile bank applications (MBAs), has attracted a remarkable number of young bank customers (YBCs) (Tan & Leby Lau 2016). For example, In Sweden, MBAs are the second most downloaded apps (Findahl, 2014) and are used by YBCs (Davidsson & Findahl2016).It has been argued that members of this category have two-time tendency, compared to other age group, to leave their banks (Accenture, 2015), and show less loyal behaviour toward these institutions (Nicoletti, 2017). Recent studies have arson several issues related to the loyalty of YBCs on MBAs (e.g. Berraies, Ben Yahia, & Hannachi, 2017). Thakur (2014) argued for more studies to investigate the antecedents of loyalty with mobile banking sector. Literature review studies have highlighted several research gaps, concerning loyalty antecedents and consequences (Tam and Oliveira, 2017) and young generation loyalty toward mobile application (Kandampully, Zhang, and Bilgihan, 2015).Taking together, the current study aims to investigate the antecedents and consequences of loyalty of YBCs on to MBA. In order to achieve that, the study utilize Dick and Basu (1994) conceptual framework for customer loyalty. The framework is extensively employed in the literature and enabled the study to investigate antecedents and consequences of loyalty.


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