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Productify news article classification model with Sagemaker


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Författarlista: Lindén, Johannes

Publikationsår: 2020

Startsida: 13

End page: 18

Antal sidor: 6

ISSN: 2415-6698



News companies have a need to automate and make the process of writing about popular and new events more effective. Current technologies involve robotic programs that fill in values in templates and website listeners that notify editors when changes are made so that the editor can read up on the source change on the actual website. Editors can provide news faster and better if directly provided with abstracts of the external sources and categorical meta-data that supports what the text is about. To make categorical meta-data a reality an auto-categorization model was created and optimized for Swedish articles written by local news journalists. The problem was that it was not scale-able enough to use out of the box. Instead of having this local model that could make good predictions of the text documents, the model is to be deployed in the cloud and an API interface is created. The API can be accessed from the tools where the articles is being written and therefore these services can automatically assign categories to the articles once the journalist is done writing it. To allow scale-ability to several thousands of simultaneously categorized articles and at the same time improving the workflow of deploying new models easier the API is uploaded to Sagemaker where several models are trained and once an improved model is found that model will be used in production in such a way that the system organically adapts to new written articles. An evaluation of Sagemaker API was done and it was concluded that the complexity of this solution was polynomial.


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