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Contribution of Leakage Flux to the total Losses in Transformers with Magnetic Shunt


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Author list: Haller, Stefan

Publication year: 2020

ISSN: 0020-7217


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To execute soft switching methods in resonant power converters, transformers with larger leakage inductance are getting more attention. Many papers have constructed various concepts in this regard. However, a discussion about, how the transformer efficiency is affected is lacking in the literature. This paper analyses the effects of the increased leakage inductance on the performance of the transformer. A transformer for increased leakage inductance is modelled and constructed to investigate the losses. The model discusses the effects of increased leakage inductance either by increasing the inter-winding spacing or by integrating the magnetic shunt within the transformer. The investigations show that increasing the leakage inductance by inserting a magnetic shunt can have severe degrading effects on the performance of the transformer, if not designed adequately. Additional losses are also calculated and the effects are verified by the experiments.


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