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A two-layer 3D reconstruction method and calibration for multi-camera-based volumetric positioning and characterization


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Författarlista: Alqaysi, Hiba

Publikationsår: 2021

ISSN: 0018-9456


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A three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction method and multi-camera calibration using multiple artificial reference markers have been used for precise volumetric surveillance of fast-flying objects. The method uses a two-layer 3D reconstruction that integrates two multi-camera stereo-nodes. The fields of view of stereo nodes are directed at an acute angles to each other to provide greater coverage with the given constraints and to determine the flight characteristics of objects in 3D. The object’s flight reconstruction includes a “rough” estimation of its positions relative to selected artificial reference points in both stereo nodes separately and subsequent “refinement” of calculated positions. In this paper, we describe the proposed method and calibration technique, using a multi-camera system to measure object characteristics in 3D. The proposed method applies to volumetric surveillance in situations where it is necessary to count, track, and analyze the activities of flying objects, especially birds, using high spatial resolution.


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