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Cost Optimized Design of Multi-Camera Domefor Volumetric Surveillance


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Författarlista: Alqaysi, Hiba

Publikationsår: 2021

Startsida: 3730

End page: 3737

Antal sidor: 8

ISSN: 1530-437X



A multi-camera dome consists of number ofcameras arranged in layers to monitor a hemisphere aroundits center. In volumetric surveillance,a 3D space is required tobemonitoredwhich can be achievedby implementing numberof multi-camera domes. A monitoring height is consideredas a constraint to ensure full coverage of the space belowit. Accordingly, the multi-camera dome can be redesignedinto a cylinder such that each of its multiple layers hasdifferent coverage radius. Minimum monitoring constraintsshould be met at all layers. This work is presenting a costoptimized design for the multi-camera dome that maximizesits coverage. The cost per node and number of squaremetersper dollar of multiple configurations are calculated using asearch space of cameras and considering a set of monitoring and coverage constraints. The proposed design is costoptimized per node and provides more coverage as compared to the hemispherical multi-camera dome.


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