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Trends in student’s interest in Science and technology: Developments and Results from the Relevance of science education second (ROSES) study


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Författarlista: Oskarsson, Magnus;Westman, Anna-Karin

Publikationsår: 2021


Results from a precious international research project called “The Relevance of Science Education (ROSE)” had an impact both for research and policy. The studies are concerned with student’s voices in science and technology education in an international setting. Student’s perceived lack of relevance has consequences for good learning as well as for educating scientifically literate citizens. In being able to follow trends and developments an initiative was taken in 2016 to carry out a ROSE Second (ROSES) study. The work with developing a new instrument and establish a new international network together with first results from ROSES in Sweden will be presented. The development will be discussed in an international setting.


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