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Mobile bank applications : Antecedents and consequences of young bank customer loyalty


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Författarlista: Nourallah, Mustafa

Publikationsår: 2022

ISSN: 1477-9064



This study investigates young bank customer (YBC) perceptions of the relationships between cognitive, affective, and conative antecedents, on one hand, and attitudinal and behavioural loyalty to mobile bank applications (MBAs), on the other. The study develops a theoretical framework for customer loyalty to MBAs based on Dick and Basus (1994) conceptual framework of customer loyalty. Based on previous studies and focus group interviews, a questionnaire was developed and sent to 500 YBCs aged 1829 years who have at least one years experience of MBAs. The data were statistically analysed, and the results indicate that YBC loyalty to MBAs combines attitudinal and behavioural loyalty. The results also indicate that cognitive antecedents are directly and significantly related to customer satisfaction, which in turn is significantly related to loyalty. The study contributes by using and developing Dick and Basus (1994) framework in the MBA context, and by suggesting how banks can improve and customize their MBA services, in a way that enables YBCs to utilize their resources in ways that promote economic growth.


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