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A health-related Quality Management approach to evaluating health promotion activities.


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Author list: Eriksson, Lina

Publisher: Servicios de Publicaciones Universidad de Navarra

Place: San Sebastian

Publication year: 2011

Start page: 188

End page: 197

Number of pages: 10

ISBN: 84-8081-211-7




The purpose of this paper was to describe health promotion activities accomplished within a project and to measure the conditions for sustainable health within the case organizations. The purpose was also to test a previously developed measurement approach, which measures health-related Quality Management.

Methodology/ApproachA health promotion project currently being carried out at eight Swedish elementary schools has been studied. In earlier research a measurement approach had been developed to measure health-related Quality Management. The approach was handed out to the co-workers at the eight different schools in the initial stage of the project. The result was analyzed and the leaders at the schools were informed of the results of their own school and the mean value of all the eight schools. The consistency and reliability of the statements within the approach was tested.


In the results a description of health promotion activities accomplished and planned within the project can be found. The results from the measurement of the health-related Quality Management in the eight schools is presented together with the mean score of all schools. The test of the measurement approach is presented and discussed.

ValueA description of health promotion activities can help managers and project leaders to plan and carry out valuable health promotion activities in their striving for both sustainable health among the co-workers and efficient organizations. This measurement approach can help managers and project leaders to measure the starting point and also the effects of the health promotion activities.


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