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Labour geographies of young Swedish workers : negotiating mobility and spatial fix in everyday life

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Subtitle: negotiating mobility and spatial fix in everyday life
Author list: Zampoukos, Kristina
Publication year: 2013


Whereas in the past, many workers looked forward to a lifetime of loyal service to one single employer, new generations of workers face a labour market where secure jobs are becoming increasingly scarce and career paths less obvious (Roberts, 2009; MacDonald, 2011; Williams et al, 2012). This paper discusses what strategies young workers of various backgrounds apply in order to navigate in the Swedish labour market and in order to make a living, through an account and analysis of young workers bio-geographies (Castree, 2007). It is suggested that because of repeated break-ups from work-places and at times even repeated migration, the (relative) spatial fixity of workers is delayed. Spatial fix has been, and still is, an important feature of peoples´ everyday life, influencing for instance the possibility of having a permanent home, to start a family, and to hold a sense of belonging, a sense of place (Tuan, 1996). In order to contribute to new knowledge regarding emerging and highly complex labour geographies, concepts such as translocal, translocal place (Adey, 2010) and socio-spatial labour mobility (Zampoukos & Ioannides, 2011) could be used to further analyse the intersections between space, work and worker agency in a changing labour market.

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