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Automotive fuels from biomass via gasification

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Author list: Zhang, Wennan
Publication year: 2010
Start page: 866
End page: 876
Number of pages: 11
ISSN: 0378-3820
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There exists already a market of bioautomotive fuels i.e. bioethanol and biodiesel produced from food crops in many countries. From the viewpoint of economics, environment, land use, water use and chemical fertilizer use, however, there is a strong preference for the use of woody biomass and various forest/agricultural residues as the feedstock. Thus, the production of 2nd generation of bioautomotive fuels i.e. synthetic fuels such as methanol, ethanol, DME, FT-diesel, SNG and hydrogen through biomass gasification seems promising. The technology of producing synthetic fuels are well established based on fossil fuels. For biomass, however, it is fairly new and the technology is under development. Starting from the present market of the 1st generation of bio-automotive fuels, this paper is trying to review the technology development of the 2nd generation bio-automotive fuels. The production of syngas is emphasized which suggests appropriate gasifier design for a high quality syngas production. A number of bio-automotive fuel demonstration plant will be presented, which gives the state of the art in the development of BTS (biomass to synthetic fuels) technologies. It can be concluded that the 2nd generation bio-automotive fuels is on the way to a breakthrough in the transport markets of industrial countries especially for those countries with a strong forest industry.

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