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Predicting the participation in information society


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Author list: Zimic, Sheila

Publisher: IGI Global

Publication year: 2011

Book title (if part of a book): Interactive Media Use and Youth : Learning, Knowledge Exchange and Behavior

Start page: 207

End page: 221

Number of pages: 15

ISBN: 978-160960206-2



The approach in this chapter is to recognize what is said to be important regarding the feeling of participation in the information society. The perceived feeling of participation is assumed to be an important indicator for young peoples online experiences. In previous research, digital skills and other related concepts such as self-efficacy and a relationship with technology are shown to be important in order to be able to participate in the information society. In this case, there is an exploration into the amount that social factors, digital skills, self-efficacy and a relationship with technology are able to explain the variance in perceived feelings regarding participation. It has been determined that education, selfefficacy, instrumental computer skills, information skills and strategic skills can explain 22 percent of the variance in the perceived feeling of participation. This implies that young people themselves might define other factors as being more important with regards to participation in the information society.


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