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The Sampling Pattern Cube : A Representation and Evaluation Tool for Optical Capturing Systems


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Subtitle: A Representation and Evaluation Tool for Optical Capturing Systems

Author list: Damghanian, Mitra;Olsson, Roger;Sjöström, Mårten

Publisher: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg

Place: Berlin / Heidelberg

Publication year: 2012

Start page: 120

End page: 131

Number of pages: 12

ISBN: 978-3-642-33139-8



Knowledge about how the light field is sampled through a camera system gives the required information to investigate interesting camera parameters. We introduce a simple and handy model to look into the sampling behavior of a camera system. We have applied this model to single lens system as well as plenoptic cameras. We have investigated how camera parameters of interest are interpreted in our proposed model-based representation. This model also enables us to make comparisons between capturing systems or to investigate how variations in an optical capturing system affect its sampling behavior.


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