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Integrative science education - pros, cons and occurrence in Swedish compulsory school


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Author list: Åström, Maria

Publication year: 2004


This article concerns the question of organizing science education. A post millennium description gives some empirical findings among the Swedish compulsory schools and among the teachers in the study when focusing on the question of organizing science education. This article aims at describing different ways of organizing science education in the Swedish school system at the compulsory level. That is, teaching science education in an integrative manner or as a specific subject, e.g. biology, chemistry and physics, and its prerequisites. Understanding the science content is of importance in understanding in which way a specific subject in the science sphere can be brought to the students. Therefore, it is of great interest to lay an up-to-date foundation on this matter and to describe teachers´ ?best ways? of teaching science to the student. This is initially done by describing different ways of organizing science education in the Swedish compulsory schools of today. Another aim in the article is to describe some empirical findings. The sample was a random choice of schools. Students were fifteen years old in the last year of compulsory school in Sweden. The article will give some examples of different ways of teachers planning their teaching in classes using more of a curriculum integrated structure or a more subject differentiated structure. Different schools have different ways of organizing the structure of their science education, but this study shows that more than half of them teach science parted in different subjects. One third of the schools only teach integrated science. The remaining part of the schools teach the science content integrated - as well as in a specific manner - to the same group of students. So, as the pros and cons on integrative teaching science have been debated since the late sixties, and was much wished upon in the eighties, it still, today causes much debate among teachers.


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