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Understanding and describing reading development among early readers


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Author list: Ivarsson, Lena

Publication year: 2007


In Sweden, it is getting more and more common that a small group of students starting in grade one already can read. Thus, a longitudinal study of a group of thirteen early readers has been accomplished. Early readers are here defined as children who are already able to read when they, the year they become seven years old, start in grade one of the compulsory school system in Sweden. The early readers? reading development during their first three years in school will be described and discussed. Comparisons with peer groups will also be accomplished to put the early readers? reading development in relation to the development of other groups of students in the same classes as the early readers. Important questions are: How do early readers? develop their reading ability during their first three years in school? Does the gap to the comparison groups increase, maintain or decrease? Are there differences in reading interest between early readers and the comparison groups? Can we gain new knowledge of importance for other students by studying early readers? Interviews, observations and reading tests are the basis for the results. Data from thirteen early readers and two comparison groups, one with ten average readers and one with fifty-five non readers at the school start will be presented.


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