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Early Readers : Background factors


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Undertitel: Background factors

Författarlista: Ivarsson, Lena

Publikationsår: 2006


Early readers are interesting to study as they already master some of the content they are supposed to learn at school. Early readers have learnt to read before they start school and without any formal instruction. This study will focus early readers’ background factors, to see if particular patterns can be found.

The paper is based on interviews with parents and a questionnaire concerning background information on eleven early readers. The interviews took between 20 and 45 minutes and they were recorded and then transcribed. The questionnaires were sent by mail to the parents before the interview which made it possible for them to answer the questionnaire and give it to the researcher when the interview took place.

The data from interviews and questionnaires will be grouped into units such as; oral language development, reading development and reading habits in the family. From that, data will be analysed and my expectation is to use a model found in Frith (2003) to organize data in the following groups; cognitive, behavioural, biological and environmental factors. Whether this is possible or not is something I will try to find out and bring with me to the conference in Vaasa to discuss. There may be other, better ways of interpreting the data but I will at least try this model to see if it works.

As the work is in progress it is difficult to tell anything about the result yet.


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