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Control System for Sustainable Development


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Author list: Carlman, Inga

Publisher: American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Publication year: 2008

Start page: 187

End page: 194

Number of pages: 8

ISBN: 978-0-7354-0579-0


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Ecological sustainability presupposes that a global human population acts in such ways, that their total impact on the biosphere, together with natures reactions, keeps the biosphere sufficient for sustaining generations to come. Human conduct is ultimately controlled by means of law. The problem can be summed up as:

Controlling system - Population - Sustainable ecosystems

This paper discusses two interlinked issues: a) the social scientific need for systems theory in the context of achieving and maintaining sustainable development and b) how theory of anticipatory modelling and computing can be applied when constructing and applying societal controlling systems for ecological sustainability with as much local democracy and economic efficiency as possible.


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