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Författarlista: Bengtsson, Åsa

Publikationsår: 2009

Startsida: 187

End page: 207

Antal sidor: 21

ISSN: 0032-3365


This article continues a recently renewed interest towards empirical investigations of representational roles from a citizen perspective. Based on the Finnish national election study 2007 (FSD2138, N01,422) we firstly analyse voters preferences for the differnt scopes of representation, i.e. electoral district, party, voters and MPs own views, and for various representational styles most often discussed in the literature, i.e. resemblance, delegaton and trustee model. Secondly, these views are accounted for by the soical and political background of respondents. The results show that geographical representation, i.e. the electoral district, is considered as the primary focus of representation especially among those living in the districts with a high effective threshold. Both the delegate and the trustee styles of representation are almost equally popular. Moreover, especially underrepresented groups such as women, people with lower educational attanment and a lower subjective class position prefer more social resemblance between representatives and constituents.


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