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Summer phytoplankton dynamics close to the shore in three brackish water bays on the East coast of Sweden (Gulf of Bothnia)


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Author list: Danilov, Roman;Ekelund, Nils

Publication year: 2000

Start page: 131

End page: 142

Number of pages: 12

ISSN: 1210-0420


Three brackish water bays between Härnösand and Sundsvall on the East coast of Sweden (Gulf of Bothnia) were investigated between June and August 1998 in order to reveal summer phytoplankton dynamics close to the coast. All samples were collected at depth of 0,5 m. The results obtained show patterns in phytoplankton dynamics. In the spring Bacillariophyceae dominated, followed by an increase in Dinophyceae and small flagellates of Prasinophyceae and Cryptophyceae. Chlorophyceae were represented during the whole period of investigation especially with species of Monoraphidium, which often dominated or subdominated. In total 84 phytoplankton species were identified. Cluster analyses based on similarities in species’ diversity and their abundance made it easy to distinguish between the bays close to Härnösand and the Bay of Sundsvall. However, no clear differences were found between the sampling stations within the Bay of Sundsvall.


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