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Absorptance of Non-Ferrous Alloys to Nd:YLF and Nd:YAG Laser Light at Room Temperature


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Författarlista: Bergström, David

Publikationsår: 2006

Startsida: 1290

End page: 1301

Antal sidor: 12

ISSN: 1559-128X


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The measurement of absorptance is important for the analysis and modelling of laser-material interactions. Unfortunately, most of the absorptance data presently available considers only polished pure metals rather than the commercially available (unpolished, oxidised) alloys which are actually being processed in manufacturing. This paper presents the results of absorptance measurements carried out at room temperature on as-received engineering grade non-ferrous metals (Al, Cu and Zn alloys). The measurements were made using an integrating sphere with an Nd:YLF laser at two wavelengths (1053nm and 527nm ? which means that the results are also valid for Nd:YAG radiation at 1064nm and 532nm). The absorptance results obtained differ considerably from existing data for polished, pure metals and should help improve the accuracy of laser-material interaction models. Some clear trends were identified. For all 22 cases studied the absorptance was higher than for ideal pure, polished metals. For all Al- and Cu-samples the absorptance was higher for the green than it was for the infrared wavelength, while for all Zn-coatings this trend was reversed. No clear correlation between absorptance and surface roughness was found at low roughness values (Sa 0.15 ? 0.60) but one, rougher set of samples (Sa 2.34), indicated a roughness-absorptance correlation at higher roughness levels.


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