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Autumn phytoplankton assemblages in temperate lakes of different eutrophication level in the middle part of Sweden

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Author list: Danilov, Roman;Ekelund, Nils
Publication year: 2000
Start page: 225
End page: 232
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 0107-055X
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Phytoplankton assemblages were studied during autumn 1998 in oligo-, meso- and eutrophic lakes in central Sweden (62°54N). Differences in phytoplankton assemblages have been detected both in space and time. In eutrophic lakes coccoid Chlorophyceae dominated quantitatively during September and October. Diatoms were the most diverse group in all types of lakes in September and in meso- and oligotrophic lakes in October. In November Cryptophyceae became the most abundant group in all lakes. The total richness of species decreased in the meso- and oligotrophic environments in November compared to September and October, whilst in the eutrophic environment it remained almost unchanged. Cluster analyses, using both presence-absence and presence-absence in combination with abundance matrices, showed similar results and a good resolution between the lakes of different eutrophication conditions. We conclude that the phytoplankton assemblages of the lakes studied depended on the trophic conditions and thus they can be used for resolution between different eutrophication levels.

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