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User interactive Internet of things privacy preserved access control


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Author list: Zhang, Tingting

Publisher: IEEE conference proceedings

Publication year: 2012

Start page: 597

End page: 602

Number of pages: 6

ISBN: 9781908320087


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects; it is enabled by the Internet technologies. The IoT always collects sensitive data, but inadequate protection may lead to serious user privacy leakage. Thus, privacy protection functions are important to the IoT. Our research aims to provide better privacy protections to IoTs. Firstly, user controlled privacy preserved access control protocol is proposed. Secondly, context aware k-anonymity privacy policy and filter are designed. Thirdly, privacy protection mechanisms are investigated, and the privacy protection mechanisms are improved based on the investigation results. Therefore, users can control which of their personal data is being collected and accessed, who is collecting and accessing such data, and when these are happening. © 2012 Infonomics Society.


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