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ACADA : An Anticipatory Design Approach


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Undertitel: An Anticipatory Design Approach

Författarlista: Holmberg, Stig C.

Författare: CHAOS

Ort: Liége

Publikationsår: 2006

Startsida: 196

ISBN: 2-930396-04-0

ISSN: 1373-5411


System design is still challenging human mental and intellectual capacity. Consequently system design projects often fail. At the same time, anticipation and the anticipatory paradigm are not used in the multiplicity of design methods at hand. As a remedy, the ACADA (Anticipatory Computer Aided Design Approach) is proposed to be added to the methods repertoire. With ACADA it will be possible to test and verify the design before its implementation. ACADA builds on anticipatory modelling and computing in a formal (algorithmic) computer aided system followed by an association from the formal system and its parameters to the concrete living system, i.e. the Human Activity System (HAS) in focus. This way of intervening into living systems, or designing HAS, represents a new application of anticipatory theory, method, and technique.


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