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The Swedish Reserve Officer: Filling Vacancies or Using Competences


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Author list: Danielsson, Erna

Publication year: 2011

Start page: 284

End page: 300

Number of pages: 17

ISSN: 0095-327X


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Abstract The aim of this study is to examine the reserve force’s role in and contribution to the new Swedish expeditionary armed forces. Survey data were obtained from 418 reservists. The results show that reserve officers are well educated and hold high positions in the civil society. According to the reserve officers themselves, the Armed Forces do not ask for their nonmilitary competence. The discontent with this situation is greater among the younger reservists as opposed to the older ones. Four different opinions on the need for the reserve officers are suggested. First, reserve officers are requested to fill vacancies, that is, a volume regulator. Second, the reserve officers are needed because they have unique competences other than military that are used by the armed forces. Third, reserve officers are needed from an economic point of view. Finally, reserve officers contribute to the civil–military relationship. However, when using a framework intended for regular officers, the contribution of the reserve officers’ civil professional competence has not been recognized.


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