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Using a Software Tool for Public Decision Analysis Analysis : the Case of Nacka Municipality


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Undertitel: the Case of Nacka Municipality

Författarlista: Ekenberg, Love;Idefeldt, Jim;Larsson, Aron

Författare: INFORMS/Highwire Press

Publikationsår: 2007

Startsida: 76

End page: 90

Antal sidor: 15

ISSN: 1545-8490



This paper presents a case of interval decision analysis using a tool that takes advantage of interval probabilities, values, and criteria weights, and is capable of handling comparative relations, i.e. interval statements on differences between variables. These statements are represented as constraints to the solution set and evaluated using a number of different evaluation methods, each serving the decision-maker with different insights of the decision problem. We demonstrate the applicability of the tool in a case study regarding three public infrastructure decision problems which had remained unresolved during a number of years.


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