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Combined finite element and multibody musculoskeletal investigation of a fractured clavicle with reconstruction plate


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Author list: Cronskär, Marie

Publication year: 2015

Start page: 740

End page: 748

Number of pages: 9

ISSN: 1025-5842


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This paper addresses the evaluation of clavicle fixation devices, by means of computational models. The aim was to develop

a method for comparison of stress distribution in various fixation devices, to determine whether the use of multibody

musculoskeletal input in such model is applicable and to report the approach. The focus was on realistic loading and the

motivation for the work is that the treatment can be enhanced by a better understanding of the loading of the clavicle and

fixation device. The method can be used to confirm the strength of customised plates, for optimisation of new plates and to

complement experimental studies. A finite element (FE) mesh of the clavicle geometry was created from computed

tomography data and imported into the FE solver where the model was subjected to muscle forces and other boundary

conditions from a multibody musculoskeletal model performing a typical activity of daily life. A reconstruction plate and

screws were also imported into the model. The combination models returned stresses and displacements of plausible

magnitudes in all included parts and the result, upon further development and validation, may serve as a design guideline for

improved clavicle fixation.


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