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A Communicative Perspective on the Formation of the North : Contexts, Channels and Concepts


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Subtitle: Contexts, Channels and Concepts


Publisher: Ashgate

Place: Farnham

Publication year: 2013

Book title (if part of a book): Communicating the North : Media Structures and Images in the Making of the Nordic Region

Start page: 1

End page: 24

Number of pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-4094-4948-5;978-1-4094-4949-2


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What makes a magazine in South Africa promote Scandinavian unity among its immigrant readers and why does a Swedish king endorse attempts to influence pan-Scandinavian opinion through a transnational media event in Sweden, Norway and Denmark? Can portraits of exotic Lapplanders in the British press, enthusiastic accounts of the welfare state in post-war travel literature and descriptions of the liberal Nordic woman as a metaphor for a freer society in Franco Spain really be bundled together under a joint label of Nordicness? How is it that despite the variety of images of the Nordic region that are circulating, we still find this recurring idea of a shared Nordic identity? These are some of the questions the current volume seeks to answer.Covering the time period from the early nineteenth century up until the present and encompassing case studies from Britain, Spain, Poland, and South Africa, as well as from the Nordic countries, contributors to the volume investigate the images that have been presented of the Nordic region in the media in and outside of the Nordic countries, how such images have been shaped by mechanisms of mediation, and the channels through which they have been distributed. The chapters address both specific cases such as media events and individual publications, as well as the structural and institutional settings for mediating the Nordic region.


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