Fast Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Native and Torrefied Wood

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Författarlista: Zhang, Wennan
Författare: Elsevier
Publikationsår: 2017
Startsida: 218
End page: 223
Antal sidor: 6


The work presented in this paper aimed to examine the effect of heating rate on the bio-crude yield of wood hydrothermal liquefaction. Three different heating methods were developed, resulting in heating rates ranging from 66°C/min to 179°C/min. The experiments were conducted using Norway spruce wood as feedstock at an operation temperature of 350°C and with a total reaction time of 15 minutes. The bio-crude product was collected and separated using dichloromethane (DCM) as solvent and a centrifugal separator. The results confirm that heating rate has a clear positive effect on the bio-crude oil yield, increasing from 18.9 wt% for the lower heating rate of 66°C/min to 35.8 wt% for the higher heating rate of 179°C/min. It is also shown that the effect of feedstock pre-treatment via torrefaction on the bio-crude yield is negative.

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