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Substrate Noise Coupling models for Behavioral Mixed-Signal Simulation in SystemC


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Author list: THIM J, O'NILS M, THIM J, O'NILS M

Publication year: 2004

Start page: 201

End page: 205

Number of pages: 5



We present methods and models to simulate substrate noise coupling at the behavioral level. The models are implemented as a part of the SystemC based Behavioral level Noise Coupling (BeNoC) simulation application. The application is designed as a wrapper to SystemC component modules, enabling designers to simulate substrate noise coupling in their modules during the entire circuit refinement process. This is enabled through the two main contributions presented in this paper: (1) methods to connect the behavioral level with low level circuit simulations and (2) generation of a fast and accurate circuit model for substrate coupling simulations. The accuracy of the generated substrate noise coupling model is verified against device simulations. The same verification test case is used to demonstrate the connection between behavioral simulations and circuit simulations.


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