Labour (im)mobility and the accumulation of knowledge in hotel companies


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Author list: Zampoukos, Kristina

Publication year: 2016


This paper deals with labour mobility among hotel staff and how it affects the accumulation of knowledge and, by extension, how it impacts on the quality of service in hotel companies. The empirical basis is made up of case-studies of three hotel companies located in different geographical settings; a small seasonal hotel located in the county of Jämtland, mainly attracting Swedish ski tourists; a luxury hotel in Stockholm catering to business travelers and celebrities from all over the world; and an international chain hotel situated in a Stockholm suburb, serving a relatively diverse crowd. The aim of the paper is twofold: i) to critically examine the construction of knowledge in the tourism and hospitality literature on labour mobility and knowledge transfer, and ii) to demonstrate in what ways labour (im)mobility affects the accumulation of knowledge and service quality in the case-study hotels.


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