Enhancement of conversion from bio-syngas to higher alcohols fuels over K-promoted Cu-Fe bimodal pore catalysts

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Author list: Zhang, Wennan
Publication year: 2017
Start page: 436
End page: 441
Number of pages: 6
ISSN: 0378-3820
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A novel K-promoted Cu-Fe bimodal derived catalyst was designed to optimize the catalytic activity and higher alcohols selectivity in higher alcohols synthesis (HAS). The characterization results indicated that the Cu-Fe bimodal derived catalyst presented the bimodal pore structures. The adding of K promoter increased the BET surface area and promoted the dispersion of Cu and Fe species in the bimodal pores without destroying the bimodal structure, whereas the excessive adding of potassium resulted in easily the aggregation of bimetal active species. Incorporation of moderate K content enhanced the reduction of Cu and Fe species and promoted the formation of active bimetal species for HAS, while the bimodal derived catalyst with excessive K content restrained the reduction of bimetal particles, decreasing the catalytic activity for higher alcohols synthesis. In addition, the gradual increasing of K content in the Cu-Fe bimodal derived catalyst strengthened the interaction of K and bimetal active species, which was combined with the “confinement effect” of bimodal pore structures, shifting product distribution towards C2 + OH.

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