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Applying Systems Thinking onto Emergency Response Planning : Using Soft Systems Methodology to Structure a National Act in Sweden


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Author list: Große, Christine

Publisher: SciTePress

Publication year: 2017

Start page: 288

End page: 297

Number of pages: 10

ISBN: 978-989-758-218-9



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This paper outlines a soft systems method approach to model a national preparedness planning procedure for the case of an electrical power shortage. Through the model, we provide a new perspective on enhancing and understanding the joint decision-making environment for the actors involved in the planning procedure, as well as its underlying power structure. By a process of abstraction from the current implementation, a core root definition is presented which provides a generic systems view that can be a useful concept for the study of similar contexts. An action model dedicated to determining meaningful and valid activities is derived, providing insights for the improvement of collaborative emergency response planning in general. The paper, thus, aims to contribute to the communication and cooperation between actors and stakeholders in the development of appropriate decision processes and decision support in the context of emergency preparedness.


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