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Analysis of solidification in a Bridgman furnace as a simulation of DC casting of aluminium alloy slabs


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Author list: Carlberg, Torbjörn;Jaradeh, Majed

Publication year: 2007

Start page: 475

End page: 482

Number of pages: 8

ISSN: 0267-0836

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A vertical Bridgman directional solidification equipment has been used in several investigations to simulate DC casting of wrought aluminium alloys. As a base for such investigations and alloy developments, it is important to have an understanding of the performance of the used furnace during simulation of casting conditions. In this investigation the thermal conditions in the furnace have been analysed in detail, both by measurements and by mathematical modelling. The thermal characteristics of the furnace, such as gradient, growth rates and cooling rates have been compared to conditions in large ingots. The DC casting conditions, which the simulations have been compared to, are casting of slabs of 330 and 600 mm width of an AA3003 type alloy. The results show that the experiments are able to simulate the cooling conditions in the ingots except from the surface zone. Comparisons of the microstructure have been made and a good agreement has been obtained for structure parameters such as grain size and DAS.


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