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Active and Passive Distraction in Children Undergoing Wound Dressings


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Author list: Hallqvist, Carina

Publication year: 2013

Start page: 158

End page: 166

Number of pages: 9

ISSN: 0882-5963


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The aim of this study was to test how distraction influences pain, distress and anxiety in children during wound care. Sixty participants aged 5-12. years were randomized to three groups: serious gaming, the use of lollipops and a control group. Self-reported pain, distress, anxiety and observed pain behaviour were recorded in conjunction with wound care. Serious gaming, an active distraction, reduced the observed pain behaviour and self-reported distress compared with the other groups. A sense of control and engagement in the distraction, together, may be the explanation for the different pain behaviours when children use serious gaming.


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