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Combined Model for Congestion Control


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Author list: Popov, Oliver;Popova, Iskra

Publisher: IEEE

Place: Zagreb, Croatia

Publication year: 2006

Start page: 657

End page: 662

Number of pages: 6


Unlike TCP, UDP is unresponsive to network congestion. This may cause, inter alia, bandwidth starvation of responsive flows, severe and prolonged congestions or in the worst-case scenario a congestion collapse. The paper addresses new ideas for taming down the unresponsive flows. By using some of the desirable properties of mobile agents, the system is able to control the influx of non-TCP or unresponsive flows into the network. Various functions performed by mobile agents monitor non-TCP flows, calculate sending rates and modify their intensity according to the needs of the network to attain as good performance as it is possible.


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