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A comparison of print quality between digital and traditional technologies


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Author list: Eidenvall, Lars;Norberg, Ole


Place: Springfield

Publication year: 2001

Start page: 380

End page: 385

Number of pages: 6

ISBN: 0-89208-233-X

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The digital print technologies are advancing both in quality and market share. Today, the print quality of digital printed material has improved and is considered to bee good enough for most purposes. However, the great advantages of digital printing are short runs and variable data printing. In this investigation the print quality of different digital printing technologies, today present on the market, are compared with the quality of traditional technologies such as offset and flexography. A wide range of digital presses, from large production presses to smaller devices for office use, was tested. The substrates used, were all chosen to fit the specific printing technology. The print quality was evaluated by subjective evaluation as well as by technical measurements. To make the comparison of prints from different presses meaningful, color management has been an essential part of the process. An ICC-profile was created for each combination of substrate and press. The results indicate that the offset print quality on fully coated paper is still ahead of what is possible to achieve with digital printing techniques today. This study shows that disturbance, like mottling and gloss variation, are the main shortcomings of the digital printing technologies. Another result, shown in this study, is the fact that digital printing is less sensitive to type of substrate.


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